Owner or Seller Financing is well-known to be the absolute fastest method to sell a house or home, bar none, but particularly in a slow market like today. For most sellers, considering the possibility of selling via owner or seller financing is entering unfamiliar territory, which means they need to force themselves to step outside of their "comfort zone." Sometimes sellers relate owner or seller financing to "for sale by owner" financing, which is definitely not the case as the seller may still employ their favorite real estate agent, although by offering financing assistance to the buyers, sellers will find that they can market their residential property themselves very easily with much more control over the sale, such as showings, prequalifying potential buyers, price negotiations, etc., if they just knew what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. That is exactly the purpose of my newly revised manual, "How to Sell Your Home FAST for Top Dollar and get ALL CASH in 10 Easy Steps." Selling a house or home isn’t any more difficult than selling a car and I intend to show you exactly how to do it. It’s so much easier than you can imagine if you are simply introduced to the steps necessary to make it a fun and successful transaction.

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Selling a single family detached home via "for sale by owner" and/or with "owner or seller financing" can be a frustrating and intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be very profitable and painless if home sellers were simply aware of all of the financial options and techniques available to them. This manual will introduce you to these proven strategies and the financial options that are available to you once you create a "note" you wish to sell. I will make it possible for you to sell your home quickly, for top dollar, and receive ALL CASH, or a large lump sum, usually 30 days after closing on the sale of your home. This powerful selling technique will be explained in detail using several examples.

My invaluable 48-page manual will also expose the closely guarded marketing and home selling secrets used by real estate agents throughout the United States. You can use these same techniques without having to pay a hefty commission to a listing or selling agent. You will find, as most sellers do, that owner or seller financing is the magic key to making a quick sale that results in a top dollar sale. This type of financing has become increasingly popular for two reasons. First, most of today’s potential home buyers cannot meet the strict lending criteria of the financial institutions. Second, more and more people are becoming aware of this financing option and the many outstanding benefits that it has to offer.

The strategies I will outline could easily quadruple the number of potential buyers for your home. These strategies are responsible for getting more homes sold FAST than by any other method used today. You will be busy speaking with lots of interested potential buyers. The process is actually quite simple. You pick the most qualified buyer from all the calls you receive, negotiate the creation of the most valuable and marketable note to sell, close the sale of your home, sell your note, and collect your CASH. All you need to do is to apply the proven methods that you will learn from this manual.

This informational manual provides the techniques and strategies you won't find anywhere else. With the critical information packed into this manual, you will learn:

  • how to sell your home for the current appraised market value
  • what information should be included in your home’s flyer
  • where to advertise and what powerful words to use in your ad
  • how to obtain credit reports and collect the fees from the buyers
  • what important clause to include in your Buy/Sell Agreement with the buyers
  • what important clauses to include in your contract or note
  • how to collect the real estate taxes and hazard insurance premiums
  • when to create a second note to maximize your first contract or note’s cash value
  • what the most beneficial interest rate is for your contract or note’s cash value
  • how to set the right term and whether to ask for a balloon payment
  • what is absolutely necessary when selling to a corporate buyer
  • why you should or shouldn’t set up a long-term escrow servicing account

Just one of the above well-kept secret tips from this 48-page manual could very easily make or save you many thousands of dollars. The suggested retail price of this manual is $250.00, and if you follow the suggestions, YOU SHOULD SAVE AT LEAST 10 TO 40 TIMES THAT AMOUNT! For a very limited time, I am able to offer you this invaluable marketing tool for the low give-away price of just $50.00 postage paid. I’ve sold hundreds of these manuals for $100.00, which in my opinion is an outstanding bargain, but at half that price IT’S A STEAL! This is a very limited time offer and subject to change without notice at any time. Get your hands on one today!

This manual also includes a complete glossary, 3 examples of the most common note sale scenarios and what you might expect to receive in CASH from the sale of your note, a sample home flyer template to help you sell your home, and a Credit Application and Authorization for your potential buyers to complete...PLUS all of the detailed information you will need to help you sell your home FAST!

PLEASE NOTE: The information in this manual has been written specifically in reference to selling single family detached homes ONLY, not to include condominiums, mobile homes, rowhouses, or townhouses.

To purchase "How to Sell Your Home FAST for Top Dollar and get ALL CASH in 10 Easy Steps" for the unbelievable low price of just $50.00 postage paid, just complete the Order Form below and click on the SUBMIT button. Since shipping time is usually a factor in anyone’s decision to purchase time sensitive material, I will only accept PayPal, money orders, or cashier’s checks. This allows me to ship your manual immediately without waiting for personal checks to clear the bank. Your manual will be sent via First Class U.S. Mail the very next business day after your payment is received. PayPal information or instructions as to where to send your payment are on the page you’ll receive after you submit the Order Form below. All information you provide is kept in STRICT confidence. Please be assured that I will NOT sell, rent, lease, or otherwise distribute any information you provide to anyone. Have an incredible day!

UPDATE: If you use PayPal as your payment method, and after confirmation of your payment is received, I will immediately send you the entire manual in PDF format via email so you’ll be able to access and learn the strategies and begin marketing your home without any further delays.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are attempting to sell a home in which you currently owe more than it is worth, or if you DO NOT HAVE AT LEAST A MINIMUM of 30% EQUITY in your home, this program will NOT work for you. To determine the current equity in your property, add the total of ALL the loans/liens against the property, (if you have an All-Inclusive Trust Deed or Wrap-Around Mortgage, use just the remaining unpaid principal balance of that loan/lien), and divide that figure by the true current market value of the property, then subtract that figure from 100. Example: Total of ALL the Loans/Liens = $82,648; TRUE Current Market Value = $104,500; 82,648 ÷ 104,500 = .79; 100 - 79 = 21. There is currently 21% equity in your property provided the true current market value amount is correct. Please DO NOT purchase the manual if the current equity in your home and property is LESS than 30% (similar to the example shown above).

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