Everything you need to know about owning, maintaining, and selling privately held owner or seller financed Private Mortgage Notes, Land Sale Contracts, Trust Deed Notes, Real Estate Contracts, Deed of Trust Notes, Contracts for Deeds, Trust Indenture Notes, and Agreements for Deeds.

This invaluable jam-packed 46-page handbook is designed to assist people who have already sold and closed on the sale of their real estate and who are currently receiving payments on their "note." This handbook is a complete guide with a glossary and a payment record keeper. Following is the Table of Contents:

  • Notice and Disclaimer2
  • Introduction3
  • Why a Note Owner’s Handbook4
  • The Basics of Owner Financed Notes5
  • The Promissory Note5
  • The Security Instrument6
  • The Legal Description7
  • The Down Payment7
  • The Remaining Balance8
  • The Monthly Payment8
  • The Payment Due Date9
  • The Balloon Payment9
  • The Interest Rate10
  • The Taxes and Insurance10
  • The Buyer’s Duties to Maintain the Premises11
  • Note Safety12
  • Loan-to-Value12
  • Note Storage13
  • Payment Records13
  • Late Payments14
  • Delinquent Payments14
  • Default15
  • Why Would You Want to Sell Your Note for Instant CASH17
  • Selling All or Part of Your Note for Instant CASH18
  • Example of a $90,000 Note Fully Amortized for 20 Years19
  • How to Find Out How Much CASH Your Note is Worth20
  • Glossary21
  • Sample Amortization Schedule for a $90,000 Note33
  • Request a FREE Custom Amortization Schedule34
  • Buyer and Note Information35
  • IRS Form 109836
  • W-9 Form37
  • Sample Payment Record Keeper38
  • Payment Record Keeper39

If you have sold or financed real estate and created a FIRST position or WRAP-AROUND (All-Inclusive) second position Real Estate secured Note or Contract on real property located in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, or Wyoming, and are currently still receiving payments from this sale, we will send you a FREE Note Owner’s Handbook via First Class U.S. Mail with absolutely NO OBLIGATION or cost whatsoever! That’s a $250 value! Please complete the simple Order Form below and submit it to us. Also, please send us a legible copy of your signed and recorded security instruments: Mortgage and Note, Land Sale Contract, Trust Deed and Note, Real Estate Contract, Deed of Trust and Note, Contract for Deed, Trust Indenture and Note, or Agreement for Deed. Instructions as to where to send copies of these documents are on the page you will receive after you submit the Order Form below. All information you provide is kept in STRICT confidence. Please be assured that we will NOT sell, rent, lease, or otherwise distribute any information you provide us to anyone. Have an incredible day!

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