PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY work directly with the actual note holding Seller, a direct family member on behalf of the Seller, an attorney on behalf of the Seller, a personal representative of the Seller which has a legitimate Power of Attorney, or the Owner of a Company as the Seller — NO EXCEPTIONS! We DO NOT work with company agents or company secretaries, note brokers, note finders, or other types of note locators. If you are a potential referral source, please call us for a brief discussion.

For us to properly evaluate your Real Estate secured Note or Contract’s maximum CASH value:

  1. Review What We Buy to determine the qualification of your transaction.
  2. Locate your REAL ESTATE NOTE or CONTRACT and related documents.
  3. Complete our simple online Quote Request below to find out ALL of your various options.

All information you provide is kept in STRICT confidence. Please be assured we will NOT sell, rent, lease, or otherwise distribute any information you provide us to anyone EXCEPT one of our investors and then ONLY after we have determined that they are the very best investor for your Note or Contract. For simplicity purposes, we will use the term "NOTE" to describe all real property security instruments. It would be very beneficial to have your NOTE and related documents available while completing this Quote Request. Most of the information we require is stated on the documents you should already have in your possession regarding the sale or financing of your property.

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I have reviewed the "What We Buy" page on this site and the property I sold or financed qualifies under your listed guidelines and requirements:
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Is the subject property a single family home:
Was the total sales price $50,000 or more:
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Does the owner/buyer occupy the property:
Is the property currently leased or rented:
Was the CASH down payment 10% or more:
Is your note in the first lien position:
Are all of the payments current right now:
Is the current remaining balance over $20,000:
Based on the true current market value, is
there currently a MINIMUM of 10% equity
What is your opinion of the buyer’s credit:
What is the current condition of the property:
What is the general appeal of the neighborhood:
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Was this transaction closed at a local title company or a local attorney’s office:
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