What do I have to do to get instant CASH for my note or contract?

Once you have decided to sell your Real Estate secured Note or Contract, the procedure is simple.

  1. Review What We Buy to determine the qualification of your transaction.
  2. Locate your REAL ESTATE NOTE or CONTRACT and related documents.
  3. For the fastest service, complete our simple online Quote Request. Alternatively, you may call us between 10 AM and 8 PM Mountain Time at 406-535-5050.

How much CASH can I expect to receive by selling my note or contract?

Exactly how much cash you can expect depends on a number of factors. These factors include the amount the buyer paid in cash towards the down payment, the amount of current buyer’s equity, the creditworthiness of the buyer, the type of property, the interest rate, the length of the term, and the length of time you have been receiving payments. We will review your documentation taking all of these factors into account, and present you an extremely generous CASH offer.

Do you have a minimum or maximum amount of a balance that you purchase?

Not really, but if your remaining unpaid principal balance is less than $5,000 there would not be any financial benefit for you to sell your note or contract. As long as there is sufficient equity, acceptable buyer’s credit, a positive payment history, and the type of property is within our guidelines, we would definitely be interested in providing our absolute highest maximum CASH offer on ANY remaining unpaid principal balance. NOTE: Balances above $250,000 will more than likely be offered to be purchased as partial or split-partial purchases, unless the equity is very high, such as in the 40% to 50% range.

What if I don’t need all the money right now?

When you sell your note or contract, you have many various financial options for receiving your money. You could choose to sell all of the remaining payments or only a portion of the remaining payments right now and then receive payments again in the future. Or you could choose to sell just a portion of the payment stream, and still receive part of the scheduled payment. Or you could choose to sell part of the balloon payment, if applicable, with any combination of the above mentioned plans. The way we structure the purchase of your note or contract will depend entirely on your immediate needs. Once we present all of your available options, you can then decide which one is best for you.

How long will it take for me to get my money?

You will usually get your money within two to three weeks. We have found that it typically takes this long to get the appraisal or BPO, complete the title work, and prepare all of the documents necessary to close the transaction.

What should I do if I haven’t sold my property yet?

If you are currently in the process of selling your single family detached home and would like to know “How to Sell Your Home FAST for Top Dollar and get ALL CASH in 10 Easy Steps,” we have an easy-to-read-and-understand 48-page manual available with very critical information for a minimal fee. This manual provides the techniques and strategies you won't find anywhere else. The information you will discover has been written specifically in reference to selling single family detached homes only, NOT to include condominiums, mobile homes, rowhouses, or townhouses. Please click here to obtain this manual or for additional information. If you want to use our “Credit Application and Authorization” form to obtain credit reports and scores for a potential buyer, please click here.

How do I determine the current equity in the property?

To determine the current equity in the property, add the total of ALL the loans/liens against the property, (if you have an All-Inclusive Trust Deed or Wrap-Around Mortgage, use just the remaining unpaid principal balance of that loan/lien), and divide that figure by the true current market value of the property, then subtract that figure from 100. Example: Total of ALL the Loans/Liens = $82,648; TRUE Current Market Value = $104,500; 82,648 ÷ 104,500 = .79; 100 - 79 = 21. There is currently 21% equity in the property provided the true current market value amount is correct. The higher the equity, the more your note or contract will be worth when you decide to sell.

Why do you require my buyer’s Social Security Numbers?

One of the most important factors in the sale of your Real Estate secured Note or Contract is the creditworthiness of the buyer. If the buyers have an unacceptable credit history, they are a higher risk, and there will be a larger discount with the offer we present to you, if we can present you an offer at all. Your buyers MUST have an acceptable credit report, and usually the credit scores of ALL buyers MUST be 600 or higher. We are required, as part of the due diligence process, to review your buyer’s credit reports and scores prior to submitting your file for preliminary review. Since you are the buyer’s creditor, you DO NOT need to have their permission to obtain their credit report. We are simply pulling their credit report on your behalf to be able to determine the risk factor and we MUST have their Social Security Numbers to be able to obtain their credit reports and scores. We will be unable to provide you with the absolute highest maximum CASH offer without the buyer’s credit reports and scores.

What is an All-Inclusive Trust Deed or Wrap-Around Mortgage?

An All-Inclusive Trust Deed, also known as a Wrap-Around Mortgage, refers to encumbering or "wrapping" the current first lien on the property. For example, let’s assume your property is worth $100,000 and your current first lien balance is $50,000. When you sell your home, if you are able to receive $20,000 as a down payment, you would create an All-Inclusive Trust Deed or Wrap-Around Mortgage, for $80,000. When you sell your newly created wrap-around note, the current first lien is then paid off in full, and the All-Inclusive Trust Deed or Wrap-Around Mortgage will then become the first lien. You will then receive the difference between the amount owed on the current first lien and the cash you receive from selling your newly created All-Inclusive Trust Deed or Wrap-Around Mortgage.

Do you buy notes and contracts secured by all types of real estate?

We pay instant CASH for any type of Real Estate secured Note or Contract in first lien position, or which completely wraps around the first lien, (also known as "All-Inclusive" or "Wrap-Around"), which has a current minimum amount of equity, payments are current, title is clear, buyer’s credit is acceptable, property is in good (or better) condition, and is secured by the types of properties within our guidelines, subject to underwriting review. Please review What We Buy for the complete list with specific descriptions and equity requirements.

What is the difference between negative and positive amortization?

Negative amortization occurs when the payment does not equal the amount of interest being charged on a note or contract, therefore the actual principal balance increases each payment over the term of the loan. Positive amortization is when the payment calls for a sufficient amount of interest to be paid towards decreasing the remaining principal balance for every payment received over the term of the loan. We (and/or our investors) are NOT interested in purchasing any note or contract which has negative amortization.

Why should I even consider selling my note or contract?

First, you might need the money for taxes, medical expenses, debts, college tuition, a new home or a new car, a large investment, a business opportunity, or even possibly a well-deserved vacation. Second, you will receive a large lump sum in CASH which you can use for any purpose you like. And third, you will no longer have the worry or hassle of collecting late or missed monthly payments, the possibility of default or foreclosure, or the inconvenience of supplying year-end tax forms. If you want to “Request a FREE Note Owner’s Handbook,” please click here.

Will you buy my note or contract as soon as I sell my property?

We will not be able to purchase your note or contract until you have received at least the very first payment, (sometimes 3 payments), usually scheduled within 30 days after the sale of your property. If the buyer’s credit report shows unsatisfactory payment records, we may have to wait until you have received a minimum of 3 scheduled monthly payments, perhaps more, to establish a positive payment history for the buyer. Rehabbed or flipped properties MUST have a MINIMUM of 6 to 12 months seasoning.

Why should I sell my note or contract to you?

We have a very well-organized office with all the latest in computer technology and software, and the know-how to operate it! We are honest and up-front with our customers. We will tell you the truth rather than some candy-coated story you would like to hear. We don’t believe in the bait-and-switch scheme, which a lot of our inexperienced competitors use. We treat you with respect and dignity. We are compassionate and considerate in regards to your situation. Our expert service is second to no one and we return telephone calls and emails promptly. We have lots of experience and have been meeting our customer's needs since 1994! We don’t want to become the biggest, just one of the best, so we quietly get the job done, and get it done right the first time. We also make it easy for you to contact us, from 10 AM to 8 PM Mountain Time nearly any day of the week! Check out just a very few of the Testimonials we have received over the years. Our main concern is getting you the maximum amount of CASH you need right now in the fastest way possible! At Big Sky Financial Network, we are fast, fair, and friendly, and specialize in quick, confidential closings. Does this sound familiar: “The bitterness of poor quality (or service) will remain long after the sweetness of good price is forgotten.” [Author Unknown]

Are you the actual investor or a broker?

Both! We have purchased numerous Real Estate secured Notes and Contracts in most of the states we operate in for our own account, but it depends entirely on our current situation, or to be more explicit, if we have the immediate available CASH! We prefer to be diversified and tend to be more interested in smaller balances, usually those under $50,000 for our own account, and in fairly close proximity to our location, within an easy day’s drive. Our friendly private investors around the country don’t have these limitations, and definitely more CASH on hand, so that’s when we contact them for the highest CASH offer possible. Whichever direction we take at the time, you can be assured that we will always do our best to provide you with the absolute highest maximum CASH offer available.

I have a question you haven‘t answered here!

It’s very possible! There is no such thing as an illegitimate question! We truly understand the importance of your concerns and want you to be comfortable with your decision. If you have additional questions, please call us at your earliest convenience (between 10 AM and 8 PM Mountain Time) at 406-535-5050 and we’ll do our best to provide answers, or Contact Us, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

If you are currently receiving payments and ready to receive the absolute highest maximum lump sum in CASH possible from the sale of your privately held Real Estate Promissory Note or Real Estate Contract, please follow the steps below:

  1. Review What We Buy to determine the qualification of your transaction.
  2. Locate your REAL ESTATE NOTE or CONTRACT and related documents.
  3. For the fastest service, complete our simple online Quote Request. Alternatively, you may call us between 10 AM and 8 PM Mountain Time at 406-535-5050.

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